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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


One windy night, a past midnight at that, while me and my friends are preparing for bedtime inside our conducive room at Potipot Gateway Resort in Zambales, it occurred to me to kill time by means of photography. I cannot see much panoramic views that time as the whole resort was covered with darkness. The only light I see was coming from the restaurant at the middle of the resort. I cannot sleep tight yet so to be able to manage the late-sleeper-me I conducted a brief one on one session with the Canon DSLR I have. I am done reading books and scanning magazine pages so maybe the solitude of taking photo shoots out of the ordinary things would suffice. Guess what was my subject???? Since it is summer I suddenly took interest with the two-piece swimsuits I packed with me on a 3-days, 2 -nights staycation. These are just some of the swimwear I have collected for the past five years. As a matter of fact there were still four pieces left at home which of course I rarely use. ^_^  So here they are..sorry for some lousy shots.  

By the way I took these photos at the veranda of the resort which our group can only have access. A roomy haven where past time can best be spent. So are you  pleased by the different styles, shapes and fabrics as shown above? As you have noticed most are classic bikini and string bikini. Hahaha. I do not have much of a beach body but I somehow have the guts wearing them as long as I am properly covered. Maybe I could flaunt more soon (in my dreams!) Next time around, if budget permits I would love to have some other type of swimwear such as: bandeau ( I saw one in Greenhills Shopping Center but missed to buy), swim dress, monokini, racerback and maillot. I think the best time to buy these stuffs is during off-peak season, meaning after summer period. What do you think?


Gil Camporazo | RandomThoughts! said...

Two-piece summer wear.... hehehe! I'm not used to these things. Anyway, these could serve as to purpose of those who are going to wear them.