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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

JAMBA JUICE Gimme’ Five for a Mango Seedling Campaign

You could have probably encountered these words. Well, for your information this is part of Jamba Juice's campaign entitled Gimme’ Five. I am so proud that I supported this campaign together with my fellow food bloggers. The idea to join just for fun was  initiated by me and Stacy. More bloggers followed suit :) Although a certified patron of Jamba Juice since it started blending in their flagship store in BHS, it was actually my first time to ride the Jamba Juice Bike Blender where it was first introduced.  Itwas made possible through a partnership with the Bureau of Plant Industry–Guimaras National Mango Research and Development Center (BPI-GNMRDC). 

Right after the event while everybody is sipping their next favorite all-natural fruit smoothie, we had this same thoughts of trying out the 5-minute stationary biking. Yup we experienced perspiration but we what's more important was that we supported in promoting Philippine mangoes to the rest of the world.

Here are our Gimme'  Five biking moments. . .

Photo courtesy of Mr. Mac Vasquez
                           That's me and Stacy enjoying our first two minutes of cycling ^_^

Photo courtesy of Mr. Mac Vasquez
                                                  Cycling for the adrenaline? Why not!

 Mr. Bam Amor seriously cycling while looking at his blender not working well.

This little girl seems to be enjoying so much. Look at the smile on her face. Oh yes the blender has swirling colorless liquid inside. Perhaps, it will be more challenging if it contains real fruit slices and crushed ice or maybe colored water to create head turning spiraling pattern or effect.

The famous blender bike that promotes not just healthy lifestyle but great campaign for the Guimaras Mango Park. 

Photo courtesy of Mr. Mac Vasquez
Got my bag tag! Yipeeeeee! YOU want one? Then join the Gimme Five campaign at your nearest Jamba Juice outlet! Just like what Jamba Juice President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. James D. White said. ..embrace the campaign as a meaningful way to raise awareness of local sustainability initiatives. Just so you know, while Guimaras mango is arguably the best in the world, there is still lack of supply to meet the demand globally. So do your part now. Five minutes is just a short time to expend in order to earn one mango tree. The mango tree will be planted by Jamba Juice on your behalf in Guimaras Island.

Say yay! for this campaign and go out on a limb! 


Lawrence said...

Yay! that was cool. sana may way din too follow up if your mango tree ay talagang naitanim. maybe a pic of the tree with your name on it to be uploaded on facebook. it would be awesome, isn't it?