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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

LEGO It's More Fun in the Philippines Exhibit

Have you  guys seen this fascinating display at The Block Atrium in SM North EDSA? June 3, Sunday, I was with my mother and dear cousin when we are on our way to the restroom after purchasing some breads on sale at Tous les Jours, we chanced upon this very interesting huge exhibit that is really jaw dropping. Instantaneously, I get the bridge camera inside my bag and started capturing all that I can. As my two companions get awed, I just clicked and clicked until I think I got everything I need to share in my blog post that you are about to see :) Pardon me for such a late post as I need to adjust with the uploading process. Moreover, security guards were so strict in making sure that acrylic panels securing awesome lego creations will not be damaged whatsoever by spectators like me. Of course no one is allowed to lean nor stand at the  elevated sides of the exhibit. I spent almost 25 minutes to cover all sides. Whew! 

When I was a kid I used to play LEGO and build all sorts of things with my three rascal brothers. LEGO is a trusted and well-known toy brand that young and old could enjoy playing or putting things together. It is so surprising that LEGO featured our Philippine map adorned with popular landmarks from different regions - mula Aparri hanggang Jolo! Let's tour the Philippines in their lego format. Thrilling! Game? Don't just scroll down but study each shot please. 

 It's more fun in the Philippines indeed with LEGO!

What can you say? Nabusog ba ang mga mata ninyo? The construction of this exhibit was no way easy and took great effort to build as strangely  huge and as fascinating as this one. The creators have taste and an eye for detail.  Each time I see my snapshots it remind me of my childhood playing years. I hope you  enjoy the same way I get thrilled with these toy building bricks. Kudos to the people behind this project. Hope other SM Malls has this kind of exhibit too for everybody to feast and appreciate. 

The Block Atrium
SM City North Edsa, North Avenue corner EDSA,
1100 Quezon City, Philippines


Ron said...

Great art exhibit! Kudos to LEGO!

Gigi Beleno said...

wow! this is so great, thanks for sharing your photos, my little boy was truly amazed. I hope I was to visit this before.

Franc Ramon said...

This is news for me as I didn't know there's a lego exhibit in Manila. I also grew up playing lego and it did help in making me a lot more creative today.