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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wendy's Salad Sensations

Wendy's Salad Sensations
I grew up loving vegetables as my parents introduced them to me during my early childhood years. The very reason why I can possibly eat anything healthy and nutritious without being picky even when it comes to veggies. Perhaps, this kind of diet influenced me to take up B.S. Nutrition and Dietetics in UST some 10 years ago making me now a licensed dietician. ^_^  Matter-of-factly, if there's one fast food restaurant here in the Philippines which could offer healthy food items, it must be Wendy's. I used to love their buffet salad together with my mother most especially at their  branch in SM City Sta. Mesa, unfortunately that promo has been gone a long time. Part of me wish for its comeback but it never happened. Good thing that I came across with their Salad Sensations the other day. During my exciting college years Wendy's side salad is enough to  satisfiy me which only cost me and my friends about PhP20++  per serving. Part of the super value menu even up to now, only that presently it is priced at PhP40. Here are the big Salad Sensations that I was talking about:
Wendy's Salad Sensations Big Taco
Big Taco (PhP 142)

Wendy's Salad Sensations Big Garden Mix
Big Garden Mix (PhP 132)
Wendy's Salad Sensations Big Chicken Caeasar
Big Chicken Caeasar (PhP 142)
They are actually four including the Big Macaroni (PhP 142) but I was not able to sample on this one due to some constriction. All of the salad were good - high in fiber, there's a variety, really promising to be included in our diet and one of the healthiest options of Wendy's menu which local fast food chain must emulate. A part of the menu that inspires health aficionados to purchase Wendy's products that are for sure fresh and appealing. Each salad plate is good for sharing and could be treated as a meal already of you guys are currently enrolled on a reducing diet. Just make sure not to overdo the salad dressing. Big Taco is something that I look forward to ordering again as I already miss those Mexican beans and real Mexican flavor.

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beingwell said...

Love salads too. I enjoy anything with veggies. hihihi....