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Saturday, March 10, 2012


I dunno how many times we ate at this casual dining restaurant. In a year it spans to about more than 30 times and  The reason why is simply because my gastronomic partner and I can never deny the fact that PIZZA HUT is the best restaurant for us yet. We loved its food and the recipe they are using to create sumptuous dishes for pasta, rice meals and desserts. 
Not only that as they are popular in pioneering the SUPER PANALO MEALS! Flavorful and budget-friendly dishes that will leave you hassle-free and dine at ease.

We even ate at most of their branches here in Manila and our feet nor our taste buds never get tired of this. 
We actually are regulars in their Robinson's Galleria branch. The one fronting the Edsa Shrine Chapel. We loved the way they treat their customers. We can even say that they exceeded our expectations. They do have courteous and high-calibrated staffs. I admire this place really!

Anyways, it was love month when we hit again Pizza Hut. That was last year to be specifuc. NO more Super Panalo for today. What we ordered which was also suggested by one of their food servers was the counter part of Super Panalo Meal that February named SUPREME SUPER PANALO. This offer was good only that love month season. 

It is a create-your-own type of value meal wherein you will be given a menu where dishes are introduced for you to select or deselect. This includes the following:

- appetizer

-main course (which could be Pasta, Rice Meal or Buddy Pan Pizza)

- a drink of your choice (iced tea or Pepsi product)

A complete package eh?!

For  appetizers we chose 2 different kinds of salad  namely:
 Olive Green Side Salad (gobbled up by him already so I have no pic of it ) and
 Chef's Side Salad (picture above).

Shirley Temple
 A sweet drink with a tinge of cherry and made basically with Sprite, a soda. Refreshing and  perfect as a lady's drink.Stir it and it will transform in a light cherry color.  

Tropical Fizz
It was like a Sprite softdrink with a twist of  we can't place it taste less like of a green apple flavor. s Different that made it superb.

So what do you think will suit your taste? The left or the right one?. . .
Hope these drinks are available on their daily menu and not only during Valentine month so that everybody can judge it.

Oven-Baked Porkchops with Bolognese
The porkchop slice was big enough for my tummy to digest. Deep fried I think with peppery flavor. However, the bolognese I considered a winner. Of course it is al dente with sauce that is rich in taste. I must say that the plating is simple yet classy enough to inspire its guests.  I want more of these but my stomach can't bear the fullness already.

Spaghetti Shrimp, Garlic and Mushrooms
His kind of pasta and can't hide the ecstacy because of this. The real goodness of pasta dish was two thumbs up as per his verdict. He loves seafoods that is why this was his bet. Great potion obviously. Partnered with a soft crusty bread.

We are looking forward to this kind of Pizza Hut's promo next year as their love month offering.  At just Php139 per person this treat is certainly  a supreme super panalo treat to your loved ones. Watch out if they'll be offering this again. Hope so. Bon apetit!

Ground Level, Robinsons Galleria
 EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave. Quezon City
(fronting the EDSA Shrine)


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